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8 Best Catchers Bags – My Top Picks In 2021

You cannot have the confidence to perform with perfection if your gear is all messy and chaotic. A good catcher bag can hold all your gear in place. The best bag is the one that is easy to carry and keeps all your equipment organized. Since catcher bags are supposed to carry a lot of ...

Why are Softball Fields Dirt? (4 Reasons!)

Softball and baseball, while being somewhat similar, still have plenty of significant differences. Pitching is different, players don't use the same balls and bats, and there's some distinction when it comes to the rules of the game. However, the most glaring difference between softball ...

6 Best Softball Elbow Guards In 2021

Quick question, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about softball equipment? Definitely not softball elbow guards, I bet! I can't say about the rest of you, but softball players must agree with this statement. And why would people consider softball elbow guards ...

Softball Vs. Soccer Cleats – What’s The Difference?

Softball and soccer are two amazing games that require special cleats to be played with perfection. The cleats of both sports are quite different. Though the cleats of many shoes are similar, the ones used in soccer and softball differ greatly. Since cleats are way too expensive, you ...

7 Best Softball Outfield Gloves In 2021

Want an upgrade to your existing softball gloves? If you are a softball outfielder, you must be aware that choosing the right gear is a hectic deal. So, be mindful that you are alone in having a tough time narrowing down the possible choices of softball gloves. Comparatively, ...

Do Softball Players Wear Cups? (Solved!)

Anyone who's ever played softball knows how much fun it can be. There's hardly anything better you can do on a sunny summer day than play a game of softball. Still, it's important to remember that besides having fun, you should always keep yourself safe. Skilled pitchers, especially at the ...

Why Is A Softball Yellow And Bigger Than A Baseball? (Solved!)

For many, softball and baseball are difficult to tell apart. And, at first glance, they indeed do have a lot of similarities. Both sports are played on a 4-base diamond and players score by making runs. In fact, softball originated in the late 19th century as the indoor version of baseball ...

Baseball vs Softball Field – A Detailed Comparison

To someone just casually watching both sports, baseball and softball are nearly the same. And, indeed, there are a lot of similarities between the two. After all, softball was first created as a way to play baseball indoors. Both sports use the same basic equipment and share the game ...

Can I Use a Softball Glove for Baseball?

In a way, the sports of baseball and softball are like siblings. They are very similar to a certain extent, but there are still clear differences. The same goes for the gear athletes use in each of these sports. They are very much alike but are rarely interchangeable and, in most cases, ...

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