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Do Heavier Bats Hit Farther? (Baseball & Softball)

There's no better feeling in baseball than hitting the ball dead center and sending it far beyond the reach of the fielders for a home run. It's very likely that at any moment, there's a kid somewhere playing in the backyard, dreaming of nailing a big-game dinger, and imagining crowd cheers as ...

Are Knee Savers Bad For Catchers?

It's well-known that catcher is one of the most important and demanding positions in baseball. However, not a lot of people know that catcher is also among the positions that take the greatest toll on the player's body. The range of physical activity a catcher engages in and characteristic ...

7 Best Softball Sliding Shorts In 2023

No matter which position you play in softball, you'll spend plenty of time diving to make a catch or sliding to avoid a tag on the basepath. It's one of the most exciting parts of the game, but also one that can be rather uncomfortable or even dangerous. Everyone who's ever played softball ...

5 Best Knee Pads for Baseball and Softball In 2023

Knee pads aren't essential or mandatory pieces of baseball or softball gear, like cleats or gloves. Usually, it's up to players themselves to decide whether they'll wear them. Still, they are very helpful and bring multiple benefits to players who use them as a part of their baseball gear. ...

Why Do Softball Players Wear Face Masks?

When watching a softball game, you may have noticed that some players are wearing face masks. Besides the catcher, who also wears a mask in baseball, this also includes some other positions, particularly players in the infield and pitcher. To some, this may come as a surprise, as softball ...

What Is The Easiest Position In Softball?

For a softball team to be successful, each position has to be filled with competent players, able to answer the requirements of their roles. No matter the position, everyone contributes to the overall success and has to do their part. So, each position carries importance to the team as a ...

Why Do Softball Pitchers Slap Their Leg? (Solved!)

Softball, as well as baseball, holds a rather special place in the world of sport. The way of scoring, the shape of the field, no clock, and many other unique rules all make softball vastly different from any other major sport. Plus, there are plenty of other small, peculiar details going ...

What Is The Strike Zone In Softball? (Answered!)

For a softball game to have a good flow and for the battle between pitchers and batters to be exciting, a consistent strike zone is of the essence. Understanding the dimensions of the strike zone and what area it covers is beneficial to everyone on the field as well as fans. It helps ...

6 Best 10u Softball Bats In 2023

As 10u softball is a particularly sensitive period in any player's development. Most kids of this age are just starting to get a hold of the basics of the sport, slowly honing what they've learned in younger age groups. Therefore, finding the right bat for kids who participate in this ...

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