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6 Best Softball Pitching Machines In 2023

Softball has been making significant progress since 1887, when it first became popular. Today, companies are coming up with incredible inventions to make the game easier and more enjoyable for players. One such fabulous invention is the softball pitching machine. However, the market for ...

11 Best Bat Bags For Softball In 2023

The efficiency in running on the field, chasing the ball, and catching it helps a team win. And this trait is not showcased only in-game but also before it starts. The way you carry your equipment to the pitch is an excellent example of this and helps make a good impression on your ...

9 Best Softball Hitting Nets In 2023

Before entering into softball completely, a player needs to strengthen his basics, and the best way to polish skills is to practice as much as you can. If you really want to be a top player on your team, you need to take this sport seriously and focus more on hitting. Softball batting nets ...

Is Softball a Contact Sport? (Solved!)

When taking up a sport, safety should be just as important as how fun and exciting that sport is. The truth is that some sports carry more risk than others, and this is particularly true for contact sports. Of course, there are some that enjoy this kind of physical intensity, but others ...

Is Softball A Girls Sport? (Answered In Detail!)

While being two distinctive and separate sports, baseball and softball also share many similarities. Each of them is very challenging and often physically demanding, albeit in different ways. Still, the two sports are often thought of as being gender-specific. The conventional wisdom, ...

Can You Use a Baseball Bat for Softball? (Solved!)

While they may look the same from afar, baseball and softball bats are actually different. The bat in each of these sports is created to optimize the batter's performance. Their design takes into consideration the different rules, different field sizes, and, most importantly, different ...

8 Best Catchers Bags – My Top Picks In 2023

You cannot have the confidence to perform with perfection if your gear is all messy and chaotic. A good catcher bag can hold all your gear in place. The best bag is the one that is easy to carry and keeps all your equipment organized. Though we all know our needs when it comes to catcher ...

Why are Softball Fields Dirt? (4 Reasons!)

Softball and baseball, while being somewhat similar, still have plenty of significant differences. Pitching is different, players don't use the same balls and bats, and there's some distinction when it comes to the rules of the game. However, the most glaring difference between softball ...

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