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6 Best Softball Bats For 12u In 2023

Finding the best softball bat for 12u is important. You want a bat that is the right size and shape. But at the same time, you need to get your child a bat that will help improve their performance. Getting the right bat will help them be a successful player and move them along in their ...

What Does AB Mean In Softball? (Answered!)

Softball and numbers go hand in hand. The stats are deeply engrained in softball tradition and are an inseparable part of the game experience. This stats obsession may sometimes seem a bit intimidating, especially for those just getting acquainted with the game. Some of the softball ...

What Is OPS In Softball? (Answered In Detail!)

Softball, similar to baseball, is way ahead of most other major sports when it comes to implementing statistics to evaluate players and devise game strategies. While a lot of old-school fans still swear by the eye test, it's undeniable that using stats helps us better understand the game and ...

Why Do Girls Play Softball? Find Out The Truth!

In the world of sports, softball and baseball are considered the closest relatives. In fact, softball has developed from baseball and the two sports share a lot of similarities to this day. However, many view baseball as a sport for boys, and softball as a sport for girls. Of course, ...

6 Best Shoes For Slow Pitch Softball In 2023

There is no sliding to the base, and no base stealing and leading off is allowed. Each team can only field a maximum of 10 players, and they should be at least 3 of each player infield at all times, each barter steps to the plate with 1 ball (when barter lets the ball drop) and 1 strike (when ...

6 Best Composite Softball Bats In 2023

The reality is that softball has become one of the most favorite ball games in the USA over the years. This means that new companies manufacturing softball bats have been on the rise, thus making it hard to pick a bat that will easily complement your skills and strength in the field. So, ...

Can you Hit a Baseball or Softball Further?

Baseball and softball are often considered close relatives in the world of sports. They do share a lot of similarities and softball was initially developed as an indoor version of baseball. However, there are enough differences that show that baseball and softball, without a doubt, are two ...

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