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What Is OPS In Softball? (Answered In Detail!)

Softball, similar to baseball, is way ahead of most other major sports when it comes to implementing statistics to evaluate players and devise game strategies. While a lot of old-school fans still swear by the eye test, it's undeniable that using stats helps us better understand the game and ...

What Does DH, DP, And EH Mean In Softball? (Solved!)

Even for a casual fan, softball is an immensely entertaining and exciting game. Many of the spectators often don't have a full grasp of intricate and often complicated rules of the sport, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying and having fun while watching the game. However, a complete ...

Why Do Girls Play Softball? Find Out The Truth!

In the world of sports, softball and baseball are considered the closest relatives. In fact, softball has developed from baseball and the two sports share a lot of similarities to this day. However, many view baseball as a sport for boys, and softball as a sport for girls. Of course, ...

Can You Slide Into First Base In Softball? (Solved!)

Forget about Chess and let us focus more on Softball, which also combines both speed, skills, and brains for accurate, swift swings and positive results, (which of course, is winning the game!). The fact that you are searching on 'can you slide into first base in softball' shows that you are ...

Can you Hit a Baseball or Softball Further?

Baseball and softball are often considered close relatives in the world of sports. They do share a lot of similarities and softball was initially developed as an indoor version of baseball. However, there are enough differences that show that baseball and softball, without a doubt, are two ...

Fungo Bat vs Regular Bat – What’s The Difference?

Becoming a good baseball player takes a ton of effort and countless hours of practice. And while we all know how hard it is to master pitching and hitting, learning to play infield and outfield is just as grueling. It can be very tiresome for both coaches and the players. Fortunately, some ...

Why And How To Tape A Fungo Bat (Explained!)

Conducting a good baseball or softball practice is not easy. Coaches have to repeatedly put players in as many real in-game situations as possible. However, due to their often random nature, real game scenarios are rather difficult to duplicate. This is where special training equipment, ...

Are Metal Cleats Allowed in Softball? (Solved!)

Softball is known as a very dynamic sport that demands players to be always active and prepared to make a big play at any given moment. During a game, softball players are often required to sprint, slide, and react in a split second. Of course, all this is not possible if a player doesn't ...

Are Softball And Baseball Cleats The Same? (Solved!)

Regardless of the immense popularity of softball and baseball in the States, a vast population doesn't understand the difference between the two sports. The main reason for this is that baseball and softball have a lot in common. Nevertheless, we can't overlook the fact that softball and ...

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