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Can You Play Softball With Acrylic Nails? (Solved!)

Even though they've been around for decades, acrylic nails have become quite a craze over the last few years. They are even plenty of celebs wearing them. It's hardly surprising, as they add to the strengths and length of the nails and provide a large and even canvas for intricate nail ...

What To Wear To Softball Practice? (Complete List)

Figuring out what to wear during a softball game is easy, as this is commonly regulated by the general rules of the game or the league rules. On the other hand, softball practices, in most cases, don't have a dress code. So deciding what to wear to softball practice can be a bit tricky. ...

Softball vs Volleyball – What’s The Difference?

With so many different sports and leagues available, it's sometimes tough to pick the right one. Often, kids (and adults) will play multiple sports, partly because it's fun to try out different stuff and partly because they can't decide which one suits them best. Two sports that are ...

How Much Does A Softball Weigh? (Pounds And Grams)

Initially, softball was created as a version of baseball modified to be played indoors. This meant that the playing equipment had to be adjusted to suit these new conditions. Due to the closed space and smaller field, a softball was bigger, heavier, and softer compared to a baseball. ...

What Is A Perfect Game In Softball? (Solved!)

In every single game, softball pitchers face a tremendous amount of pressure. Knowing that a single mistake can mean the difference between winning or losing makes their job one of the toughest in all the sports. They're a part of every play and each batter that the pitcher comes against ...

What Does PO Mean in Softball Stats? (Solved!)

Even though people new to softball may find it overwhelming at first, the game itself is fairly simple and easy to understand once you get a hang of it. Still, as the scoring is rather different from any other major sport, reading softball statistics can sometimes get confusing, The ...

What Is The Hardest Position In Softball? (Answered!)

A softball team is only as strong as its weakest link. This means that every player plays an important role and contributes to winning games. In addition, every position requires a certain set of skills if a player at that position is to be successful. Certain positions require a strong ...

How to Pack A Softball Bat for Flight? (Answered!)

Taking your softball equipment with you on the trip is easy when you're traveling by car. All you have to do is pack and make sure everything fits in the trunk. However, some issues arise when you have to fly somewhere. Especially when it comes to taking a bat with you on a flight, as they ...

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