What To Wear To Softball Practice? (Complete List)

Figuring out what to wear during a softball game is easy, as this is commonly regulated by the general rules of the game or the league rules.

On the other hand, softball practices, in most cases, don’t have a dress code. So deciding what to wear to softball practice can be a bit tricky.

This is especially the case with beginners and parents of kids who are just getting into the game.

Even though softball practices don’t carry the same level of intensity as the actual games, plays at the training ground are still rather aggressive and fast-paced.

Therefore, it’s important to dress in a way that will make you feel comfortable and, at the same time, keep yourself protected.

As softball practices are often rather physically demanding, you’ll need to wear clothes that will allow your body to breathe and help you stay cool and fresh.

Depending on the league and the coach, there may be a strict dress code implemented, not leaving much room for improvisation and personal style.

So, make sure to always check if there are some special requirements regarding softball practice clothing and equipment.

Softball Shirt

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When it comes to softball clothing items, the shirt is the one that will provide you with the most options to choose from.

Basically, you can wear whatever shirt you want, as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts are all viable options.

Of course, you should pick a shirt that is suitable for the weather outside, so you may even wear an athletic jacket or sweatshirt over your shirt.

Needless to say, [amazon link=”B01K82FF2M” title=”shirts specifically designed for sports” link_icon=”amazon” /] activities, while more expensive, are an optimal choice for softball practice.

They are made of breathable materials and will keep you dry throughout even the most exhausting practice, allowing you to focus without being distracted by excessive sweating.

If you’re unsure which shirt to get, it’s always a good idea to go with reputable brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, or Under Armour.

Softball Pants

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Pants are among the most essential pieces of softball equipment as they provide protection and freedom of movement while sliding and running, which is done a lot in softball.

Proper softball pants are required for games, but, commonly, are not mandatory at practices.

Still, also wearing them to practice is a smart thing to do as it will allow you to get used to them and because of their above-mentioned qualities.

When selecting [amazon link=”B0735L4LSK” title=”softball pants” link_icon=”amazon” /] for practice, you can choose between various lengths, from knee-highs and length to full-length pants.

Of course, you should avoid wearing shorts as it will leave your legs unprotected and potentially make every dive and slide very painful.

Pants designed for softball are made of lightweight and breathable fabric to allow you to move freely during practice.

In addition, they offer protection and usually feature extra protective layers on knees, and sometimes on thighs.


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While softball pants offer some level of protection, you can never be too cautious when it comes to safety.

Sliders, or sliding shorts you wear underneath softball pants, offer another level of protection. Especially when running bases or making a diving play.

They can help you prevent various injuries, including nasty bruises, to your hips, thighs, and legs.

[amazon link=”B07YTR95KM” title=”Sliders” link_icon=”amazon” /], typically made of spandex and nylon, should fit right into the body and not be too bulky.

As they have extra protection padding in some areas, sliders that are too bulky would be uncomfortable to wear.

With pants worn over them, improperly-fitting sliders will certainly hinder your ability to perform to full potential at practice.

With most models being compression-fit, sliders also work to help muscle recovery.

Most sliders are rather affordable, so you should opt for a quality model that is durable and sure to keep you safe and comfortable.


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While often overlooked when picking what to wear for softball, socks are another piece of softball practice clothing that plays a major role in keeping you protected.

[amazon link=”B00GRANRG6″ title=”Softball socks” link_icon=”amazon” /] are designed in a way that ensures that your legs are protected during sliding and diving attempts.

To use them to their full potential, you should choose socks that are knee-high or even higher, covering the lower thighs.

Also, make sure that the fit is right and that they are not too tight or too loose. If they’re too tight, softball socks may cut off the circulation.

On the other hand, socks that are too loose will make you feel uncomfortable and distracted. Plus, the constant rubbing against the inner side of your cleat may cause blisters.

Softball Cleats

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Softball cleats are necessary whether you have a game to play or just want to practice in an optimal way.

While there are cleats that are specifically designed for softball you can easily get by with wearing baseball cleats if you already own them.

There are three basic types of cleats, cleats with metal spikes, those with plastic molded spikes, and turf shoes.

Which one you’ll wear for practice will depend on the surface you’re practicing on.

The role of cleats is to help you get a grip on the surface and provide traction as you run, stop, or make sudden turns.

Plus, proper [amazon link=”B075R7N4YP” title=”softball cleats” link_icon=”amazon” /] will support your feet and make you feel comfortable while on the field.

For extra safety while running, it’s best to choose cleats that either feature Velcro or have a handy space to tuck in laces.

Other Stuff You May Need for Softball Practice

Depending on the type of practice, you may need protective equipment that is typically worn during games.

Depending on the position you play, previous injuries, or particularly sensitive parts of the body, this may include various items.

The most common pieces of protective equipment worn during practices are face masks, extra knee pads, and elbow, legs, or chest guards.

Also, you may use your kit bag for various accessories that may come in handy during practice.

These accessories may include a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and sunscreen to protect your skin during hot summer days,

It’s also a good idea to bring extra clothes, so you can change if the stuff you wear during practice got too dirty.

Additionally, you may carry a first aid kit in case someone gets hurt.


At softball practice, the most important thing is to wear clothes that will allow you freedom of movement and make you feel comfortable and safe.

Once things you wear check all these boxes, you can focus on your game and improve your performance.

Softball games, as well as practices, involve a lot of running, jumping, sliding, sudden starts and stops, and quick changes of direction.

Only when properly dressed, you can make sure to do all these things to the maximum of your abilities and still keep yourself protected from potential injuries.

You’ll have plenty of options to wear something to your liking that fits your personal style, but you’ll need to have the essentials – a shirt, pants, sliders, socks, and cleats.

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