Composite Bat Vs Aluminum (Alloy) Bat

When you are looking to pick a good baseball bat that will perform great in a game, there are so many options out there.

There are wooden bats, composite bats, aluminum (alloy) bats, and even hybrid bats.

Some bats may have a lot of advantages, but at the same time also a number of disadvantages which in turn make them less appealing.

This article will focus on two very popular bats, namely, the composite bat and the aluminum, or alloy, baseball bat.

Follow along to learn some of the main features of each bat which make them different.

I will also go through the pros and cons of a composite bat vs aluminum bat which can help you decide which bat is ultimately best for you.

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What Is An Aluminum (Alloy) Bat?

Aluminum baseball bat and baseball lie on the grass.

An aluminum, or alloy, baseball bat is usually made by combining aluminum with two or more alloys.

The addition of alloys helps the bat feel lighter and less rigid.

These bats came about in the year 1970 to replicate the wooden bat, but make it more sturdy.

Over the years, the aluminum bat has become more and more dissimilar from the regular wooden bat.

Also, manufacturers are constantly adding new features to this bat, and improving the technology.

There are different types of aluminum used for different brands of baseball bats.

As a result, each aluminum bat may vary in performance, speed, durability, and a number of other factors during a game.

The No products found. is usually able to perform much better than the wooden bat.

This is especially true during the recent years as they are becoming more and more durable.

Nonetheless, it is still the wooden bat that is most commonly used by professionals.

On the other hand, aluminum baseball bats are used in college leagues and matches.

What is the reason behind this?

Most likely, it is due to the fact that professional baseball players would much rather rely on their own ability and game performance.

By using an aluminum bat, they are taking advantage of the technology of that baseball bat.

Aluminum (Alloy) Bat Features

An aluminum, or alloy, bat is a very sturdy and hardy construction, especially when made of a high quality aluminum.

In spite of being made of aluminum, these baseball bats are actually very light in weight.

This makes it easier to carry around, hold up, and results in a much easier and faster swing during a game.

Aluminum, or alloy, baseball bats also allow for a fast launching off the baseball into the air.

This is because of the sturdiness of the aluminum as the ball comes off it.

A bat with a stronger and better quality aluminum will be more expensive, but will have an increased performance.

On the other hand, a cheaper aluminum bat most often uses lower quality aluminum.

This makes often for poor performance, and even certain faults such as that it is less durable and may even vibrate upon hitting a ball.

However, all in all, the aluminum baseball bat is still more cheaper than a lot of other bats, such as the composite bat.

Pros And Cons Of An Aluminum Bat

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  • Light in weight, therefore allows you to hit the ball easier and faster
  • Good for beginners that are only starting baseball
  • Ball bounces off the bat at a great speed
  • Increased trampoline effect allows you to hit the ball faster and farther of in the distance
  • Feels sturdy and stiff while you are holding it
  • Durable, especially when made of quality aluminum
  • Better weather sensitivity than some other baseball bats.
  • The aluminum bat becomes more damaged the more you use it
  • It may not give off the same power as a heavy wooden bat
  • Although they are not weather sensitive as some other bats, they are still not always recommended in very cold weather or low temperatures.

What Is A Composite Bat?

Young boy hitting a baseball with a composite baseball bat.

The composite baseball bat is most commonly constructed from a carbon fibre polymer or a composite, and is very durable.

These bats can either be a single piece construction or a double piece construction.

When a No products found. is a single piece construction, it is made entirely of one material.

On the other hand, when it is a two piece construction, this means that the composite bat comes in two parts, and has had the handle mended to the barrel.

Unlike most bars, composite bats don’t give off a ping sound once they hit a ball. Instead, they make a sound which can best be described as a pop.

Composite Bat Features

Composite baseball bats usually have a large barrel, and different composite bats have different swing weights.

However, because of its large barrel, all composite bats will usually have a lower swing weight than other bats like aluminum.

Composite bats are durable constructions; however they don’t do very great when it comes to weather fluctuations.

This is due to the fact that these bats are very weather sensitive, especially regarding cold weather.

Therefore, they are not suitable to be used in low temperatures.

The composite bat requires a break-in period before it reaches its max performance, which usually will range from around 150 to 300 swings.

After that, the composite bat will also increase in its trampoline effect, resulting in a ball which comes off much faster.

Unlike aluminum bats which dent when they break, composite bats will most often crack instead.

Pros And Cons Of An Composite Bat

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  • They have a decreased ability to sting your hands during a game
  • Lightweight (much more than a aluminum bat) and therefore easier to swing.
  • Very durable
  • Trampoline effect can even be greater than that of an alloy bat.
  • Very good weight distribution
  • Larger sweet spot.
  • Requires a break-in period before it is able to reach max performance
  • Lower swing weight than most bats, especially lower than that of alloy bats
  • Can be expensive, and cost more than the aluminum bat.
  • This bat cannot be used in cold weather or low temperatures at all, as it can become damaged easily

Composite Bat Vs Aluminum (Alloy) Bat – Comparison

While both bats have their pros and cons, it all comes down in the end to which bat is a better fit you.

Advantages Of Aluminum Bats

Whilst some people prefer the composite bat, often the aluminum bat has more benefits because of its constantly improving technology.

No Break-In Period

One strong point of the aluminum bat which may make it most appealing to baseball players is the fact that it requires no break-in period.

This is not true of the composite bat, which requires 150 to 300 swings until it reaches top performance.

This may not make it an ideal bat for you if you want one which you can use straight after purchase.

Increased Swing Weight

As well as that, due to the large barrel, the composite baseball bat will have a lower swing weight than the aluminum bat.

Also, aluminum bats are more end-loaded. As a result, the extra weight will be moved toward the end of the barrel of the bat.

What this does is that it can result in not only increased swing weight, but also more power.

Aluminum bats also have a stiffer feel, and they are extremely durable.

Lower Temperature Sensitivity

Another good point about the aluminum bat which makes it desirable is its lower sensitivity to low temperature.

Aluminum bats can still sometimes get damaged during cold weather, and therefore must be used with great caution.

However, they are more durable and resisting to the cold than composite bats.

Composite bats are very prone to damage anywhere under 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

If is for this reason that it is not recommended to use these bats when the thermometer drops below that temperature.

Otherwise, your bat may result in cracking and even breaking.

Lower Cost

When it comes to the cost of the aluminum bat, it is also cheaper to buy than the composite bat.

This is great for someone who is not looking to spend a lot on a baseball bat, but wants something that works well yet is cost-efficient.

Advantages Of Composite Bats

On the other hand, composite bats also have a number of very good features that make it stand out.


One of these is the fact that they are so lightweight. Even though most aluminum bats are also light in weight, composite bats are even more so.

This makes them ideal for younger players, such as during high school matches.

Higher Damping Rate

Another great point about the composite bat is the fact that they have a good damping rate.

In fact, the damping rate of the composite bat is much greater than that of the aluminum bat.

What this means that they have a reduction in the ability to sting your hands during a game. This, again, is very appealing, especially for younger players.

Larger Sweet Spot

The composite bag also has a larger sweet spot than the alloy bat, and good weight distribution.

This good weight distribution in a composite baseball bat results in an increased balanced swing weight.

Composite Bat Vs Aluminum (Alloy) Bat – Which One To Choose

When it comes down to the trampoline effect of the composite bat vs aluminum bat, they are just about the same.

One significant difference to consider, though, is that the composite bat needs a break-in period before its trampoline effect reaches the greatest efficiency.

However, once broken in, both types of bats will propel the baseball at great speeds into the air as it comes off the bat.

All in all, if you are willing to spend a bit more on a bat, a composite bat may be great for you.

They are the lightest in weight, more so than the alloy bat.

Their increased damping rate also means that they won’t sting your hands as much, and have good weight distribution.

However, it you are looking for something more weather resisting, and with a better swing weight, then the aluminum bat may best for you.

As well as that, you may also not want to spend time breaking in your new bat. Or, you simply may not have the time.

If this is the case, then, again, the aluminum bat may be the top pick.

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Which baseball is better when it comes down to the composite bat vs aluminum bat?

Both the composite bat and the aluminum bat have their upsides and downsides. They possess features and attributes that make each of them unique.

However, in some aspects, these bats are equal and have some of the same properties.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what preferences you have for a baseball bat. Also, you may not have the time to spend for a break-in period.

A bat which works as soon as you take it out of the wrapper may then be necessary for you.

When choosing a bat, it is also best to look at its swing weight, heaviness, and whether it has a good damping rate.

This is very important, especially when trying to suit a baseball bat to who will be using it.

For instance, a composite bat would be easier for a younger player to carry and lift, because of its lighter weight.

However, for those playing outside in low temperatures, an alloy bat is less likely to become damaged or break.

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