What Are Box Seats At A Baseball Game? (Solved!)

Baseball is commonly called the favorite American pastime and there’s a good reason for it.

The sport can provide emotion and fun rarely found anywhere else.

Of course, being at a baseball game in person only makes it more enjoyable and turns the excitement up to eleven.

Hardly anything in sports can compare to being at the baseball field on a sunny day and watching your baseball team play.

However, the gameday experience is not the same for every fan.

Box suits and luxury suites provide a better view of the field, not to mention all comfort and convenience that comes with them.

Nevertheless, those seats are usually reserved for those with deeper pockets, so not everyone gets a chance to experience them.

Below, you’ll learn what are box seats at a baseball game and everything else you wanted to know about the more luxurious seating sectors at the field.

So, let’s dive in!

What Are Box Seats At A Baseball Game?

View of the baseball field from the box seats.
 Fenway Park, last remaining wooden seats in Mlb by InSapphoWeTrust (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A hundred or more years ago, box seats at a baseball game were the seats that were at the best spots in the stadium, literally enclosed by short wooden boxes.

The wooden boxes don’t exist anymore, but the name box seats for premium seating sectors have remained.

These are the seats that are commonly sold as a group and usually are only available as a part of a season ticket package.

In most cases, they’re at the field level, right behind the home plate or the dugouts.

They provide the best view of the action which is why they’re often referred to as “scout seats.”

Sitting here, you can see the entire field, as well as have a clear view of the video boards in the outfield.

This way, fans in these seats can get a more lavish ballgame experience, but still fully feel the atmosphere at the ballpark.

How Do Box Seats Work?

Box seats are great for fans who want a more extravagant game experience than in general admission sectors but still can’t afford luxury suites.

Compared to general admission seats, fans sitting in this area have a more luxurious selection of amenities available to them.

This includes foods and drinks that are not on the regular concession menu and in-seat wait service with servers who bring those foods and drinks.

As they’re commonly very close to the field, box seats can allow you to get fully immersed in the game.

You can watch break on every pitch, hear managers strategize, or even witness the disagreements they may have with umpires.

The seats themselves are commonly padded and more comfortable. At some ballparks, a box seat ticket also gets you club access.

A downside may be that you’ll have to watch the game through a net, protecting fans from foul balls.

How Much Is A Box At A Baseball Game?

While they can provide a fantastic ballgame experience, box seats are not kind to your budget.

Tickets for these sections are commonly sold within season-ticket packages and come at rather steep prices.

Plus, they’re often owned by various companies who use them to reward their employees or appease business partners.

In addition, some of these seats are usually reserved for scouts.

However, sometimes, they’re available on the secondary market, so regular fans can occasionally get them.

Of course, the price of tickets for box seats varies, depending on the team and the ballpark where you’re watching the game.

As expected, the most expensive box seats are at the Yankee Stadium. Premium seating at a field level here will set you back $1,200 for a just single seat.

The second most expensive is the Cubs’ Wrigley Stadium where the box seat behind the dugout is sold for $360 per seat.

What Is A Suite At A Baseball Game?

View of the baseball field from the luxury suite.
A luxury suite at Arvest Ballpark by Michael Barera (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The suites are the most exclusive and luxurious kind of seating at baseball games. Their number is very limited and each box usually features 8-12 seats.

Besides being more expensive, suits differ from box seats in a couple of other things.

In a luxury suite, you’re separated from other fans and have your own room with insulated windows, which also serve as protection in case of bad weather.

Of course, fans in suits have the option of opening the windows to soak in some of the atmosphere or sitting in the private seats right outside the box.

Besides seats with a field view, luxury boxes commonly feature indoor seating with a full-service bar and other luxurious amenities.

These may include an exclusive dining menu and catered food service, private restrooms, or premium entertainment devices such as large-screen TVs.

Luxury suite visitors are also often treated with custom game memorabilia.

How Much Is A Suite At An MLB Game?

In most cases, the entire suit boxes are purchased by large companies, as they are not exactly within the financial range of regular fans.

Even though suites at MLB stadiums are more affordable than in other major sports, mainly due to a large number of games, the price is still very steep.

Again, the Yankee Stadium leads the way when it comes to the cost of watching the game from a suite.

Depending on the type of the suite, the price ranges from $8.500 to $15.000 per game.

Chicago Cubs and the Wrigley Field are next in line. The luxury suite here can set you back $9,000 – $13,000.

Red Sox’ Fenway Park is only a bit cheaper, with the price ranging from $7,000 to $10.000.

The cheapest available suite in the MLB is at the Angel Stadium where the lowest cost per game is $1,500.

Miami Marlins and Oakland A’s are second and third from the bottom.


Even though most of us only get to watch games on TV, nothing compares to the excitement of a live game.

Of course, the experience of the ballgame can change depending on where you watch it from.

Some prefer to sit at the general admission seats which is where usually the most passionate fans are.

Others prefer the comfort and amenities of the more luxurious sectors at the ballpark.

The former often don’t need much more than a hot dog, a beer, and a roar of the crowd to enjoy the game.

The latter seek more luxury and a game experience that is maybe closer to finding at a fine restaurant.

Still, no matter what comes with it, the best seat at the ballpark is the one where you’ll enjoy the game the most.

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