Popular Softball Chants For Players, Batters & Pitchers

As we all know, softball games are often decided by the tiniest of margins.

A single mistake or an inspired play can mean all the difference between winning and losing, especially when two teams are evenly matched.

When there’s not much difference in terms of quality, it’s often the more motivated team that takes home the win.

And, nothing is more motivating than support from teammates and fans.

Even though they may seem like meaningless fun, softball chants are inseparable from the game itself.

No matter how silly or repetitive they may sometimes sound, they’re one of the essential parts of the softball game experience, both for players and the crowd.

While the ways in which you can cheer on your team are literally limitless, some chants are more popular than others and can be heard on fields across the country.

You can find some of the most popular ones below.

The List of the Most Popular Softball Chants

Chants and cheers can vary from the real simple ones (Let’s Go (team or player)!) to the more intricate examples that seem more like a proper song than a chant.

Coming up with a good chant is not easy. Besides being catchy, they need to have a certain rhythm to them and be easy to remember.

The best chants often feature a smart play on words or a funny twist at the end of the verse. They’re often situational and reflect what’s currently going on in the field.

Plenty of teams have special chants for encouraging their batters or pitchers when they’re up at the home plate or pitching circle.

Also, they will use chants to intimidate their opponents and throw them off their game.

Each of these categories has several chants that stand out as the most popular and most widely used whenever there’s a softball game going on.

The Classics

Girl sitting on the ground, playing with a softball.

Some chants are instantly recognizable and appear almost everywhere softball is played.

They are usually very simple, with a very catchy tune that you can’t get out of your head once you hear it.

As almost everyone knows these chants, they usually provide an opportunity for fans to join in on the fun and chant along with the players from the dugout.

Often, these chants are sung to the tune of popular pop and rock hits.

A well-known melody can lift up the entire ballpark and create energy that can turn the fortunes of the home team.

Some of these are chanted by a single player while others can involve the whole team. Often, similar to military songs, they would use the echo system.

This is when one player calls out the first portion of the verse, and everyone else loudly repeats it.

Our team is what? Dynamite! /Our team is tick, tick, BOOM – Dynamite! / Your team is what? Dynamite! / Your team is tick, tick PSHHH, Yeah right!

We don’t wear no miniskirts, / We just wear our team shirts, / We don’t drink no lemonade, / We just drink our gatorade,

When you’re up, you’re up / When you’re down, you’re down / When you’re up against our team / You’re upside down!

Riding on a horsey, sitting on a cactus, / we think your pitcher needs a little practice.

My name is (name of the player (stomp the bat) / I’m feeling fine (stomp the bat) / You mess with me (stomp the bat) / I’ll blow your mind. /

I said bam bam choo choo train wind me up / I do my thing / I know to fight I know kungfu you mess with me / I’ll mess with you.

Funny Softball Chants

Often, softball chants are used to poke fun at players. Of course, these humorous chants are mostly harmless and are often sung at own team’s expense.

They are great for relieving the tension during the game and putting smiles on the faces of both players and fans in the stands.

In addition, when the game is rather dull or extremely one-sided, a funny chant can liven up the atmosphere on the field and among fans, creating at least a little bit of excitement.

Did she go? Did she go? / I don’t think so, no no no, way to low

Holly cow the ball went foul / mooooove it over! (mimicking the sound of a cow)

Call the Cops! / Call the Cops! / We just stole your stinkin’ base! / Here they come: Whooooooo! (mimicking the sound of police siren)

Intimidating Chants

Even though they’re mostly sung in good fun, softball chants are sometimes used to intimidate and put extra pressure on opposing players.

These chants are never too offensive and should always remain within the limits of simple poking fun at the opponents.

Also, even though they’re aimed at the opposition, they often can help players on your own team feel encouraged and motivated.

It’s important to remember that, in the spirit of sportsmanship, chants should never be profane nor should they openly make fun of an opposing player or pick on a personal level.

While they’re aimed at the opponents, they should still remain positive. No matter the rivalries, in softball, respect is always the name of the game.

Down by the river / Took a little walk / Met up with the other team / Had a little talk / Pushed ’em in the river / Hung ’em out to dry / We can beat the other team / Any old time

Lemon, Lime / Tutti Frutti / Come on (a name of a player or a team) / kick their bootie! / Kick ’em high, / Kick ’em low, / Kick ’em in the uh-oh!

Softball Chants for the Pitchers

No player on the softball field faces more pressure than the pitcher. So, every bit of encouragement that can boost the pitcher’s confidence is more than welcome.

Here are some of the most common chants used to support pitchers as they face opposing batters, but also shake up the opponents stepping up to pitch.

See that round ball, / It’s a lightning bolt / When (name of the pitcher) pitches, / You’re gonna get a jolt!

The arc that hits the target / Is the pitch that (name of the pitches) makes / See it hit the target / (name of the pitcher) has what it takes!

When (name of the pitcher) is on the mound / The ball flies fast as speed of sound! / When (name of the pitcher) is in the fight / The ball flies faster than the speed of light!

Softball Chants for Batters

Of course, batters’ job is also rather stressful and they also need all the support they can get.

Standing at the home plate and facing a pitcher that just struck out a couple of your teammates can be a scary proposition.

So, knowing that teammates have your back can help the batter focus and do a good job.

There’s nothing better than when a batter after getting pumped up by their teammates knocks the ball out of the park.

Likewise, chanting towards the opposing batter often leads to them failing to connect with the ball.

Chants for batters are one of the best examples of the influence chants can have over the games and how they can have a positive impact on the outcome.

Team Leader: Don’t you think that was a little bit high/low / Rest of the Team: yea / Team Leader: Don’t you think that was a little bit high/low / Rest of the Team: yea / Everyone: Bring it down, bring it down!

Ain’t nuthin’ but a ground-dog, / rollin’ down the line… / Woof! Woof! / (when the batter hits a ground ball)

Pop fly! / In the sky! / Smacked a birdie in the eye! / (when the batter hits a pop fly (followed by a whistle mimicking bomb falling))

Youth Softball Chants

Of course, chants are a part of the game even at the youngest levels, and the kids often seem to have the most fun with it.

Most of the chants heard during youth softball games are short, simple, and easy to remember. After, all, softball chants are one of the first things that gets kids interested in the sport

Ole Ole, Ole Ole, / Hit that ball the other way, / Our team is hot hot, / Your team is not not, / So hit the ball ball, / Over the wall wall, / Ole

Hit it hard, hit it level / Hit it hard, hit it level / Then run like the devil / Then run like the devil


Chants are a part of a softball soundscape as much as the sound of a ball popping off the bat or landing in a glove.

Some teams and players use chants to stay focused, others to intimidate the opposing team or player, while some sing chants simply to have fun.

Chants are often useful as means of maintaining momentum after a successful inning or just a single play.

Chants are the way for players to show their support for their teammates, create unique energy in the dugout, and bring the excitement and the atmosphere of a softball game to a whole new level.

Plus, they can make fans feel like they’re part of the game and have some impact on its outcome.

Without chants, games would be much duller and softball simply wouldn’t be the same sport.

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