San Jose Municipal Stadium – San Jose, California

Photos* by Paul Crumlish

Former Notable Players: Rod Beck, George Brett, Shawn Estes, Blue Moon Odom, Russ Ortiz, and Frank White.

Team Seating Capacity Dimensions Year Opened
San Jose Giants4,200LF 340
CF 390
RF 340

San Jose Municipal Stadium, now known as Excite Ballpark, is home to San Jose Giants, the Low-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

It also hosts the San Jose State University Spartans baseball team as well as local high school baseball games.

In the past, this ballpark was home to numerous San Jose minor league teams, including the Owls, Red Sox, Jo Sox, Pirates, Missions, Bees, and Expos.

Situated at the heart of the Silicon Valley, Excite Ballpark often host various concerts, car shows, weddings, and other local events.

It also served as an alternate training site for Oakland Athletics during the shortened 2020 season.

The construction of the stadium lasted from 1941 to 1942. It was built as a Work Public Administration project with the hopes of becoming a spring training home for one of the major league teams.

It went through several major renovations over the years and increased the original seating capacity of 2,900 to 4,200 where it stands now.

There are four distinct seating areas. The fans are seated rather close to the field and have a great view of the action.

The main grandstand includes the first seven rows of numbered seats, while the upper rows are open for general admission.

*Photos Taken On:

July 29, 2003 (Modesto Athletics vs. San Jose Giants)
April 14, 2008 (Stockton Ports vs. San Jose Giants)

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