How Much Does A Baseball Cap Weigh? (Solved!)

There are not many things that Americans love more than baseball.

The influence of the game has long transcended the sport itself. Baseball is ingrained in culture and tradition all over the continent.

The impact is, perhaps, most visible through baseball caps.

Millions of people wear them, some to express their loyalty to their team, some for practical reasons, and some just as a fashion statement.

Still, the primary role of a baseball cap is as an essential part of players’ equipment.

Of course, like any other piece of baseball gear, a cap needs to be comfortable and fitting for a player to produce optimal performance.

Especially, considering how much running, diving, or sliding an average player does during a game.

Some may even feel that cap could be a burden during all these movements, so you may be interested to learn how much does a baseball cap weigh?

How Much Does A Baseball Cap Weigh?

Blue baseball cap.

Different baseball caps can, logically, have different weights.

Still, on average, a baseball cap approximately weighs between three and four ounces (85 and 113 grams).

Depending on different factors, the total weight may be an ounce higher or lower, but not more than that.

Needless to say, when the heavier material is used, the whole cap will weigh more.

Usually, the heaviest baseball hats are fitted caps with a closed back, made of tougher and more durable materials.

These caps, such as those made by New Era or 47 will weigh close to four ounces.

Of course, to be able to tell how much a baseball cap weighs and what influences that weight, you must first get familiar with different parts of the cap.

What Is A Baseball Cap Made Out Of?

Three blue signed baseball caps.

No matter the type of the cap, each of them has the same foundational parts. Every baseball cap has a brim, panels, crown, closure, and sweatband.

Depending on the individual cap, these basic parts may be complemented with various accessories.

Each of these parts is made from specific materials and contributed to the overall weight of the baseball cap.

The fabric used for the foundation and most parts of the cap can be cotton, wool, or a cotton-synthetic mix.

The manufacturing process of making a baseball cap can also include jersey mesh, acrylic blends, and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Brim Or Visor

The brim is the most recognizable part of a baseball cap. It’s the piece that extends over the base of the hat, so it can protect your face from the sun.

Also known as the bill or visor, the brim takes up a lot of the total weight of the cap. Generally, it’s made of two pieces of fabric and includes some sort of stiffening.

Sometimes it’s buckram, more often plastic, and occasionally it can be just cardboard sandwiched between two pieces.

It’s this filling that is mostly responsible for making the whole cap rather bulky. Brims, depending on the type of baseball cap, can be flat or curved.


The crown is the foundation of the baseball hat and most of the cap’s surface belongs to this part. Normally, the crown has three major parts – front, back, and sides, which are made of 5 or 6 panes.

The exact number of panels depends on the style, size, and structure of a particular cap.

All these panes are sewn together by a suitable thread. At this stage, without a visor, the baseball cap is referred to as a “beanie.”

Crown is where you’ll find the team’s logo, text designs, and other accessories. The team logo is usually embrodied on the front part of the crown.

In addition, the crown also includes a sweatband, set on the front part of the inside panel. All these parts together significantly contribute to the overall weight of the cap.


Some baseball caps are fitted, meaning that they’re not adjustable.

However, most of them will have closures on the backside whose role is to allow you to adjust the size to fit your head.

There are different kinds of adjustable caps, depending on what type of closure they have. They can feature:

  • plastic snap,
  • adjustable hook or loop tape (commonly made of Velcro),
  • fabric tuck strap featuring slide closure,
  • metal buckle closure, or
  • nylon strap with the plastic buckle closure

Each of these types of closures impacts the overall cap weight, in line with the material they’re made of.

Additional Accessories

Manufacturers can enhance the functionality or the style of baseball caps by adding various accessories, some more and some less useful.

Also, some of these accessories will be featured on most caps, while the others will be added only occasionally.


Button is a rather standard accessory and appears on most baseball caps. It’s small, round, and usually made of metal.

The button is set on top of the hat where all panels meet. It has no practical use and is mostly a cosmetic feature. In most cases, the color of the button matches the color of the hat.


Eyelets are small holes sewn at the top of each panel. Their purpose is to allow your head to breathe.

Mesh Back

Mesh back is a feature usually seen on trucker hats.

They’re, basically, the back panel made of plastic mesh, providing more ventilation and reducing the overall weight of the cap.

How Much Does A Trucker Hat Weigh?

Black/White Trucker hat.

A Trucker Hat by Iainf (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Thanks to the mesh backside in place of cotton or wool back panes, trucker hats are commonly lighter than classic baseball caps.

Besides mesh back, trucker hats also commonly feature a more breathable and lightweight material on the front side.

Thanks to those features, they rarely weigh more than 2 or 3 ounces.

Although rarely seen on the baseball field, trucker hats are great for hiking, biking, running, and other activities, especially in the warm weather.


Even though they may seem just a style addition to the baseball uniform, baseball caps are a very useful and functional part of the equipment.

They shield the eyes and the face from the sun, making it easier for players to give their best performance.

Plus, they can protect the head from debris and dirt while sliding and diving on the dirt of the baseball field.

A comfortable hat is a must if you want to be a successful baseball player.

Thanks to their design they fit snugly even during sudden and swift motions and their relatively light weight ensures that they don’t burden the players any more than necessary.

If you wear a well-made cap during a baseball game, you probably won’t even feel it on your head.

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