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What do Batters Wear on Their Thumb? (Solved)

The job of a baseball batter can be rather hard and even dangerous. Pro batters, on a daily basis, face pitches going up to 100 miles per hour and have only a split second of a time to react. So, protective equipment is a must if they are to avoid injuries and have a long and successful ...

Perfect Game vs No-Hitter vs Shutout

Being a baseball pitcher is widely regarded as one of the most challenging jobs in all sports. Rarely you'll find a player in any sport and at any position that has so much impact on the game's final outcome. Pitchers are involved in every play and have to face a variety of hitters, each ...

What Is L10 In Baseball? (In-Depth Guide)

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America and around the world. But with so many terms, rules, and stats to follow, you might not fully understand the game. Luckily, in today's post, I'll talk about a crucial part of baseball. Baseball has more going for it than players hitting ...

How Many Acres Are In A Baseball Field? (Solved!)

Baseball, seemingly more than any other major sport, is based on firm rules and regulations. The official baseball rulebook is 250- pages long standardizing every aspect of the game to the tiniest details. However, there's one thing that escapes strict regulations - the size of a baseball ...

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