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9 Best Baseball L Screens In 2023

With more attention on player safety these days, the market for baseball protective equipment has developed a lot. Numerous manufacturers from all over the world offer a variety of products with different degrees of quality. So, it's very important to do some research and inform yourself ...

Where Is The Home Team Dugout Side?

During a baseball game, most of the attention is on what's happening on the field. However, as anyone who's ever played baseball will tell you, a baseball team's success often starts in the dugout. Initially created as a way to make better sight lines for spectators sitting behind the team ...

11 Best Weighted Baseballs For Hitting In 2023

Quality training is a huge part of becoming a successful baseball player. And, while the effort is certainly necessary, the proper training tools and equipment also play a big role in improving the skill level of a player. Among those tools, a special place belongs to weighted balls. ...

Why Is Shortstop 6? (Explained In Detail)

Recording and keeping track of every baseball play would be very difficult if each of them were described using players' full names and positions. Certainly, the job of scorekeepers would be nearly impossible. So, to make things easier and simplify scorekeeping, each player in the lineup ...

On Deck vs In The Hole – What Does It Mean?

Avid baseball fans know how rich and extensive baseball terminology is. For outsiders, it may often seem that baseball and its fans have their own language where everyday phrases can mean something completely different. While some baseball terms often make a move into the standard language ...

Can You Steal A Base On A Walk? (Solved)

Base stealing is among the most exciting plays fans can witness on a baseball field. It's also a very effective technique for the team looking to score. However, while the upside is high as the runner gets closer to scoring, the downside of the unsuccessful steal attempt is probably even ...

6+4+3=2 In Baseball (Double Play Explained)

To record everything that happens on the field, scorekeepers use a fairly complicated system of symbols and numbers. To those who are relatively new to baseball, this can often seem too confusing or overwhelming. When watching a ballgame, you'll often hear an announcer describing the play ...

6 Best T Ball Bats In 2023

T Ball might not be a sport that you are familiar with. However, this game is how most baseball players begin getting interested in the sport. T ball, also known as tee ball, is similar to softball and baseball. But compared to these games, t-ball is simpler and easier to pick up, especially ...

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