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Is Baseball Dangerous? (Answered In Detail!)

The last thing anyone wants when playing a sport is to get injured or come in harm's way in any other form. That's why for many, especially parents choosing a sport for their kids, safety is the top priority. As it is not a full-contact sport, like football or hockey, baseball is generally ...

When Do Baseball Games End?

In most cases, true baseball fans cherish every moment of each game and enjoy it no matter how much it lasts. However, sometimes, particularly if it's an unimportant game or a notably dull and slow one, it may seem that the end can't come soon enough. This is especially the case if you ...

Can Baseball Cleats Be Used For Football? (Solved!)

In both baseball and football, feeling comfortable on the field can often mean all the difference between making a successful play or failing to do so. As games in both sports are often decided by the smallest of margins, this can also decide the winners and losers of the game. Of course, ...

The 4 Fundamentals Of Baseball Explained

Anyone who enjoys baseball marvels at the amazing skills of pro players we get to watch almost every day as they take to the field. Watching them make winning plays, the game seems more than easy. Of course, these plays only look simple and effortless because those players can make those ...

What Does MLB Do With Used Baseballs? (Answered!)

If you've ever attended an MLB game in person and paid close attention, you've probably noticed that players go through plenty of baseballs during just one game. Every couple of pitches, especially if the ball touches the dirt, the catcher will hand the ball over to the umpire to get rid of ...

Baseball vs Hockey – A Comparison

For more than a century, baseball and hockey have been among the most popular sports in the United States. Both sports have millions of fans across the entire continent, and around the globe as well. And, for more than a hundred years that two sports have simultaneously existed, the fans ...

Drawing A Line In Baseball – What Does It Mean?

In its essence, baseball is a fairly simple game. The pitcher pitches the ball, the batter hits or misses it, and fielders try to prevent baserunners from advancing to the next base. Still, there's so much more to the game of baseball than these simple actions. The baseball rule book is ...

Baseball Hat vs Dad Hat – What’s The Difference?

Like so many things in fashion, baseball caps originally had a very practical and simple purpose. They were used to shield the player's faces and keep the sun from glowing directly into their eyes. However, over the years, baseball hats made their way into regular clothing items for people ...

The 5 Basic Skills In Baseball Explained

We're often left speechless when watching baseball pros play the game at the highest possible level. Their arsenal of skills and superb athletic ability which come as a result of a ton of effort put in and, obviously, the talent for the game, is nothing short of amazing. However, the basic ...

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