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BBCOR Bat Vs Wood Bat – The Pros And Cons

Just as with every other bat, BBCOR bats and wood bats vary both in features and certain attributes. Wood bats have been around for a much longer time than BBCOR, making the latter relatively new. However, the BBCOR is constantly on the increase, being used mostly by youths in schools and ...

Composite Bat Vs Aluminum (Alloy) Bat

When you are looking to pick a good baseball bat that will perform great in a game, there are so many options out there. There are wooden bats, composite bats, aluminum (alloy) bats, and even hybrid bats. Some bats may have a lot of advantages, but at the same time also a number of ...

Are Batting Cage Balls Bad for Bats? (Solved!)

The pitching machine is a very useful practice tool, frequently used at all levels of baseball. It allows hitters to work on their skill even when there's no one available to pitch against them. However, it can't fully simulate the real in-game throws. One of the main arguments for ...

How Long Does A Composite Bat Last? (Solved!)

There are so many types of baseball bats to choose from, all made of varying materials. Finding a great bat that will last for a very long time can be a challenge. A lot of bats tend not to be very durable, and will break easily. It is for this reason that it's always important to do your ...

How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard? (Explained!)

The game of baseball hasn't changed much since it was first played. However, the way we follow the match and keep score has significantly evolved over the last century. Baseball scoreboards came a long way from operators updating the score with chalk or hanging numbered sheets of paper. ...

Best Grass for Baseball Fields – Top 3 Review

When you walk into a ballpark, the first thing that catches your eye is lush, green grass spreading across the field, interrupted only by the baseball diamond dirt. The perfect turf is crucial for the game itself as well as our enjoyment as spectators. However, the wonderful sight of the ...

Do MLB Players Buy Their Own Bats? (Solved)

If you are a huge major league baseball fan you probably have some questions about your favorite players. In particular, you might be wondering how your favorite baseball players get their bats. This can seem like a simple question, but there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes. ...

Are Baseball Bats Allowed on Airplanes?

A lot of people prefer an active vacation to just kicking back and relaxing by the pool. Plenty of baseball enthusiasts like to carry their equipment to their travels and get some swings in while there. If you're flying on a trip involving baseball activities and plan to bring your ...

How Do Major League Baseball Teams Travel?

Over the course of the season, MLB players face a more grueling schedule than any of their counterparts in other major sports. After 20 or so Spring Training matchups, they play 162 regular-season games. Of course, 81 of those are on the road. And if their team is good enough, they're ...

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