Baseball Articles
How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard? (Explained!)

The game of baseball hasn't changed much since it was first played. However, the way we follow the match and keep score has significantly evolved over the last century. Baseball scoreboards came a long way from operators updating the score with chalk or hanging numbered sheets of paper. ...

Do MLB Players Buy Their Own Bats? (Solved)

If you are a huge major league baseball fan you probably have some questions about your favorite players. In particular, you might be wondering how your favorite baseball players get their bats. This can seem like a simple question, but there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes. ...

Are Baseball Bats Allowed on Airplanes?

A lot of people prefer an active vacation to just kicking back and relaxing by the pool. Plenty of baseball enthusiasts like to carry their equipment to their travels and get some swings in while there. If you're flying on a trip involving baseball activities and plan to bring your ...

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